In the last 8 months, my time at DATAMARK Inc. has been a learning experience allowing me to better develop my knowledge and skills. DATAMARK employees really embody the company’s values creating a welcoming environment and an overall sense of company loyalty and job satisfaction. DATAMARK encourages both personal and professional development placing a significant focus on employees. There is certainly growth as the company is always evolving and continues to expand immensely. I am definitely looking forward to the many changes and opportunities DATAMARK has planned.”

Juanita Heikkinen, HR Assistant

I’ve been with DATAMARK since January of 2017. And in that time, I feel that this company has attributed to my overall growth as a young professional. If you are someone who is looking for a place to start to build your experience as well as explore and identify your skills, then DATAMARK would be the perfect place to do so. I started out at DATAMARK as a Data Entry Operator. With the help of my co-workers and managers, I was able to identify the different strengths I didn’t know I had, build meaningful relationships, and establish myself within the company. In a few short months, I accepted a Lead Operator position. With this new role, my responsibilities increased as well as my overall confidence in my career path. Finally in early 2019 I was offered and accepted a Supervisor position. There are plenty of opportunities to expand your own career path, build your resume, and receive relevant experience. In my time here, I noticed that the management team is invested in each individuals’ growth and potential. The entire company is also dedicated to make sure that they create a positive and enjoyable work environment for all.”

Lillian Neal, Supervisor

I started working for DATAMARK in October 2018 as a Software Validation Engineer. Right from the start I noticed that the software development team was full of people who were easy to work with and helpful. The manager was also easy to talk to and very helpful. One thing that I really liked about the management here is that they keep the team informed with all that is happening in the Company. Meeting the senior management is a requirement for every new employee for their first 90 days. I really liked this as it gave me more insight into the company and what every department wishes to accomplish in the future. This also helped me get a better understanding as to what my team is responsible for and as a result find out what I am responsible for within the team. Working for Datamark has truly been a positive experience for me.”

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